I feel the workout is very similar to running.

I feel like I can get my heart rate up and yet, even after a long run,
I do not have discomfort in my feet or legs, let alone my neck.
It lets me run again without the running.

Dr. S. Olitsky


“I’m looking forward to increasing my mileage whilst reducing impact. Lookout New York Marathon! ”

Until now, there has been no real cross trainer built for runners.

Bionic Runner is a game changer.


60:40 Swing
Stance Timing

Super High-Intensity

Indoor or
Outdoor Use

Get the mechanical advantage

The Bionic Runner is trusted by runners who train more, are injured less and achieve PR’s.

PR Breaker

Injury Free Exercise

Hard Training

Used By Mad, Passionate Runners in 32 Countries

Ken H.

The Bionic Runner provides one of the smoothest and most effective low impact experiences in the world of stand up bikes.

“No wonder the Bionic Runner has been kicking my butt. I love the great workouts I get on the BR, even on a short ride with minimal hills.”

Brandon-Lee H.

I run a half marathon each day during the week and I can feel the improvements coming through from using the BR on the weekends.

“I am currently using the BR mainly at weekends for long runs and I’m often completing 50 miles on each day; that way I have all the benefits of running those distances without the impact.”

Dr. S. Olitsky

I feel the workout is very similar to running.

“I feel like I can get my heart rate up and yet, even after a long run, I do not have discomfort in my feet or legs, let alone my neck. It lets me run again without the running.”

Pamela D.
Pennsylvania, USA

I loved the Bionic Runner from my first ride.

“I immediately felt like my heart rate went up in a way comparable to going on a run. I also felt like my quads were instantly engaged and working, similar to running. I noticed too that if I went out for just a half hour, I had the same calorie burn and exertion as running a half hour.”

Scott B.
Nova Scotia

On the weekend, I ran a personal record for the 10km.

“I've been using the Bionic Runner mainly as a supplement in my 18 week marathon running plan.”

Tom R.
Los Angeles, USA

I tend to go pretty hard on my Bionic Runner, especially on hills. I always incorporate hills.

“The standing position is probably my favorite aspect to it, and the visibility that affords. It’s also great to catch the breeze. Wind resistance is not only pleasurable but it enhances the workout.”

Chris R.
North Dinwiddie, VA

The Bionic Runner is the best money I have ever invested in fitness.

“I wish everyone who enjoys outdoor running could try the Bionic Runner. It is both intense and fun. It can improve your ability while reducing risk of injury. The Bionic Runner is the future of running.”

Dr. Anthony
Upstate NY, USA

Another advantage of the BR is that it promotes spontaneous interval and Fartlek training.

“I find that I tend to push hard until I get breathless and then coast for a while and then repeat the cycle rather than just hold a simple steady pace with less overall exertion. ”

Dave C.
Auburn CA, USA

I try to do as much run training as possible without actually running.

“I had seen the ElliptiGO advertised for years, but at the cost, had not looked more closely.”

Rob G.
Queensland, Australia

The Bionic Runner was paramount in the rehabilitation of my injured knee to a point where I can run again quite regularly. It prolongs my running life.

“When training with the Bionic Runner I typically use time rather than distance to match the intervals or distances I would typically do when running.”

John R.
New Jersey, USA

I’ve run all my life. The BR is comfortable but intense, and for me it is better than running on a regular basis.

“I don’t need as much prep time (i.e. stretching, eating or lack thereof, etc.) for a Bionic Run as opposed to a normal run.”

S. Powell
Brisbane, Australia

I only got 12 runs in before the Berlin marathon. I did the rest of my training on the Bionic Runner.

“I was recovering from a torn plantar fascia and subsequent stress fracture of a metatarsal. I could only manage to get 12 runs in before the Berlin marathon, and the rest of my training was done on the Bionic Runner.”

M. Bonev
Frankfurt, Germany

It is the best stand-up training and transportation machine available on the market!

“It’s a different type of running training which saves my legs and joints from repetitive pounding on the ground. It is the best stand-up training and transportation machine available on the market! ”

Todd S.

An unexpected benefit is that I can train more efficiently.

“It is a killer on the quads compared to running. I was shocked at the constant burn. An unexpected benefit is that I can train more efficiently so I can spend more time at home with my wife than I used to.”

John S.

“The regular hard workouts during injury downtime made me a stronger runner.”

“I started a 14-week half marathon training program just before buying a BR. A week into the program, I had a slight knee injury that sidelined me for two weeks. One week after resuming training I had back-to-back calf injuries that prevented me running for five weeks.

The Bionic Runner was my savior during this dark period.”

Rod E.

It could revolutionize how runners train.

“It’s potentially brilliant; it could revolutionize how runners train. I see it as an opportunity to add training volume without adding to the likelihood of injury.”


I decreased my time in the Prague 10km Grand Prix night event from 38:21 to 36:24, finishing 79th place out of 5,542 runners.

“After two months of commuting to work, I decreased my time in the Prague 10km Grand Prix night event from 38:21 to 36:24, finishing 79th place out of 5,542 runners.”

Nicole D.

Bionic Running is not exactly the same as running, but it’s a different, unique and fantastic way to improve my vitality and condition, physically and even mentally.

“I’m definitely a competitive runner. In a race, I have a very strong need to win, to run faster than my competitors, to play with them and to reach the finish line first. A beautiful game.”

Running Specific

There are thousands of cross trainers claiming all sorts of things, but they all have one common flaw:

They are based on 50:50 swing/stance timing. They are neither like walking nor running.

The patented Bionic Runner mechanism has a timing and motion based precisely on running.

This sets the Bionic Runner apart from old school cross trainers and ellipticals.

It specifically recruits and stresses the same muscles as running, improving running-specific fitness and stride economy. You’ll love it.


Get Your HR Higher Faster

In a research article published in the ASCA Journal, The Bionic Runner was able to reach maximum heart rate achieved on an elliptical in half the time, making it perfect for both Fartlek and HIT.

Avoid Injury

The unique, dual-action of a non-impact landing and a closed kinetic chain combine to protect you from the two major causes of injury:
impact fatigue and over extension.

This is something the best running shoe on the market can never match.

We believe that by separating running-fitness-training and running-form-training, you will arrive at race day fast, fit AND uninjured.

What Type Of Training Can I Do

Bonus: Free Endorphins

And if you’re an endorphin junkie, you’ll get the rush,
that feeling of euphoria after a hard-earned training run.

After all, you’ve earned it.

Technology Friendly

It works with your existing GPS and heart rate monitors
to leverage the investments you’ve already made.

Proven and Trusted by Runners
in 32 Countries. Run Faster.
Train Harder. Avoid Injury.

New Zeland
South Korea

Hong Kong
Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia



Ergonomic grips for better control
Folding stem
Folding frame so it fits in almost any car
Patented Bionic mechanism
8 speed internal gear hub, for almost any terrain
Disc brakes front and rear for precision braking

Why runners in 32 countries trust the Bionic Runner

People who Bionic Run are becoming faster, avoiding injury and having fun. It’s time to join them.

Pound for pound it is probably the best investment you can make in your training program.

We deliver the type of service that we like to get when we are customers.

It’s Simple To Get Started




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Make the smart choice. Get all the benefits of running without the pounding.Get a Bionic Runner today for a better running tomorrow.

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(We recommend that you use a bicycle mechanic to assemble the Bionic Runner)

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